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The University of Queensland has a very large, diverse range of AMX controlled AV systems installed on campus. The systems were installed over a period of time with various room configurations and each with its own source code. With the variations in the coding and configurations across all the systems, they found themselves in a situation where if they wanted to make adjustments or add new features across multiple rooms they had to revisit each system one at a time to recompile, load and test. The other challenge was that they were frequently adding new systems to accommodate growth, which required an onsite programmer to customize code, load and test.

The solution identified was to create a single code base that could cover 600 of their room types and hardware models that are configurable via the touch panel by someone who is not a programmer. Key to the solution was assembling a CSV database encompassing all aspects of their room technology designs including device & model inventories, port configurations on Master controllers, etc. Now, the University of Queensland’s innovative coding allows them to masterfully automate their room technologies. For example, if a particular room configuration requires it, they can move projector communications from port 1 of a master controller to a DX Link Receiver without rebooting the system. They also utilize a standard touch panel file which will dynamically show or hide buttons and labels based on the specific physical attributes and device inventory of a particular space.

This new coding system has really pushed the boundaries of classroom technology automation and greatly streamlined the deployment and management of room technologies at the University of Queensland. In addition to the day to day benefits of the system, the data and documentation behind the system is enormously valuable. In the event of a hardware failure or similar event, each room configuration can be quickly backed up and restored as needed.