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Barco - New augmented/virtual reality ride thrills visitors at Great America-California

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Barco - New augmented/virtual reality ride thrills visitors at Great America-California
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         Developed for today’s adventure-seeking gaming audiences, Mass Effect: New Earth is a 4D holographic ride combining 4D effects with a live performance and incredible special effects. Visitors are treated to an immersive journey where they travel through awe-inspiring landscapes, face off against giant adversaries, and ultimately save the day (spoiler alert)!

"Ease of use and maintenance is key to this ride being successful. The Showmaster LE synchronizes dozens of specialized tools and never misses a beat."

Nathan Huber
CEO at 3D Live

The 4.5 minute ride was created by Great America amusement park and Electronic Arts (EA), publisher of the Mass Effect™ video game trilogy developed by BioWare™.  A custom 60-foot 4K 3D LED display delivers the visual spectacular, complete with 80 channels of surround audio, wind, water, and motion special effects. It’s currently the single largest attraction investment at the Great America amusement park.

A Medialon Showmaster LE show control system expertly orchestrates the entire show, safely and consistently driving and synchronizing all of the ride’s critical elements. Its easy-to-use interface enables an operator to efficiently run the show, including controlling master operation and maintenance of the audio, video, effects, motion seats, power doors, and lighting.  Touchscreen operator panels and touchscreen tablet control can also be used for maintenance and system checks anywhere in the theater.

3D Live designed the attraction, from scripting to overall concept and system selection.  Electrosonic handling the detailed AV system design, system integration, and programming of the AV and show control elements. MediaMation installed and programmed the moving seats, and 3D Live acted as project managers, keeping the entire project on schedule.

Photos courtesy of 3D Live


Barco solution

  • Medialon Showmaster LE

Why Barco?

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Reliable, consistent execution