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Kramer Flexibility Serves Purpose in Corporate Multi-Purpose Room

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Kramer Flexibility Serves Purpose in Corporate Multi-Purpose Room
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Kramer Flexibility Serves Purpose in Corporate Multi-Purpose Room

Training, meetings, corporate events and community activities are among the various uses for the new multi−purpose room at the headquarters of a Midwest corporation. When the company planned its new building, executives wanted a state-of-the-art room that would serve both its corporate needs and be available to the local community. 

Plans included a 7,000 square-foot conference room that could host hundreds, yet be divided into smaller rooms as needed for fewer people. Audio Contractors of Oregon, WI, a professional audio/video design and installation company, provided an innovative and functional high−tech solution featuring Kramer Electronics products. 

“Our challenge was to make the technology function easily and flawlessly, no matter whether there were 200 people or 20 people using the space,” said John Deem, owner of Audio Contractors. “Kramer had everything we needed under one roof, and all the individual pieces talked to each other.”

The large multi−purpose room, which seats over 250 people, showcases six 80−inch LCD displays around the sides and two 184−inch drop−down projection screens in the front. Using expandable walls, the large room can be divided into six separate rooms, each with a display screen and classroom−style seating. The audio/video system serving each room allows participants to view various presentation sources on the screens – from Blu−ray software to laptop computers.

The Kramer Electronics VS−88H HDMI matrix switcher is the central switching device for all rooms. Built−in media boxes in each room allow both computer graphics video and HDMI capability through the use of Kramer WP−301xl computer graphics video and stereo audio and WP−306 HDMI active wall plates for signal input. The connections for PCs and laptops are built into the tables of each room, while duplex outlets are installed on one side of each dividing wall. The computer graphics video signals from the WP−301xl wall plates travel over Kramer TP−121 and TP−122 twisted pair transmitter/receivers to a Kramer Electronics VP−436 ProScale® HDMI digital scaler/switcher. Source signals are converted and scaled to the proper resolution and the computer graphics video signals are also converted to HDMI output signals. The output signals are then routed through the VS−88H to the room displays by Kramer PT−571 and PT−572+ DGKat™ twisted pair transmitter/receivers for HDMI. 

A single rack unit in the corner of the large room holds the seven ProScale VP−436 scaler/switchers and the VS−88H. All inputs from each room go through the room’s presentation switcher. Network category cabling is built in to six floor boxes, making long cable runs unnecessary. 

“This company wanted to have the best in new technology available for many people, and we were able to create a seamless system with the Kramer Electronics product,” Deem said.

The purpose is clear: Kramer products offer versatility and flexibility, and are a multipurpose solution.