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Pulling Out All the Stops

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Pulling Out All the Stops
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Pulling Out All the Stops
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Pulling Out All the Stops with NEC Display's Retail Solutions

When NEC Display Solutions set out to design its new headquarters, it had a specific goal in mind: to create multiple environments that would showcase its spectrum of technologies for each of the industries it serves.

For retail, this meant pulling together the best and newest technologies in NEC Display's portfolio. With the variety and variable configurations of products available, retailers are able to create endless possibilities, providing their customers with unforgettable experiences while learning more about their own business – including through a cutting-edge analytics tools that use sensors to target promotions to individual shoppers.

The Retail Vignette

Featured prominently in the Briefing Center – front and center when guests visit the headquarters – NEC Display's retail vignette pulls all the stops. Set up to mimic a small retail area, complete with NEC Display merchandise on shelves, the vignette makes guests feel as if they have actually stepped into a high-tech retail space.

The Technologies

When first entering the retail vignette a prodigious 2x2 video wall comprising NEC Display's UN551S-TMX4P ultra-narrow-bezel displays greets visitors. The narrow bezels on the wall make the arrangement's striking impression possible, as the edges of each display all but melt away while showing the bright and brilliant images on the screens. Just as importantly,
NEC Display color calibration tools like SpectraViewII ™ help synchronize the color of each display to ensure a consistent appearance.

Less noticeable, but equally important, is a live demonstration of NEC Display's ALP (Analytics Learning Platform).ALP is an anonymous business intelligence platform that provides key insights based upon on human behaviors inside brick and mortar environments. ALP helps your physical space become personal, efficient, dynamic and smart. All thanks to a proven ecosystem that harnesses sensors, data and smart content. With ALP, you'll be collecting valuable, actionable data to make your spaces and places more profitable. Traffic numbers, impressions, dwell time and demographic data all help you make faster, better business decisions. It all comes together in a real-time dashboard. Think of it as your brick and mortar's central nervous system.

Additionally, the V554 commercial-grade large-format display shows off its versatility, with this particular model sporting the optional Raspberry Pi compute module, turning it into a powerhouse for content and making up one more piece of the ALP ecosystem. Finally, the V484-T sits off to the side in a kiosk enclosure by Peerless-AV, equipped with a protected touchscreen. This kiosk provides an interactive exhibit where visitors can click through various menus to see the dashboard of the ALP platform.

The NEC Display Difference

The retail venue is perhaps the most powerful demonstrator of NEC Display's full-solution philosophy, showcasing the company's strong industry relationships with cutting-edge technology like NEC ALP. "Going beyond hardware and harnessing the power of data analytics is ushering digital signage into a new era", said Kelly Harlin NEC Display Analytics Platform Strategist.

"With NEC ALP and the rest of our portfolio of retail solutions, we're changing the way the industry views digital signage," Harlin said. "Far from just providing a display, NEC ALP ensures retailers' content and messages are delivered to shoppers at the optimal moment to influence purchasing decisions, and in turn delivering clearer and more actionable analytics and metrics for store operators."