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Puremedia Fiber Extension Drives Worship Broadcast

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Puremedia Fiber Extension Drives Worship Broadcast
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Puremedia Fiber Extension Drives Worship Broadcast


Many churches, synagogues, and other houses of worship are implementing A/V technology, where visual aid with devotional music is a major part of service. Now, with the emergence of multi-site churches using simulcast to distribute their services across multiple campuses, a reliable A/V connectivity framework has become the driving force of a dynamic worship experience.


A Presbyterian church in Northern New Jersey has temporarily expanded its worship location from its main sanctuary to a section of a nearby building to accommodate its growing congregation.

While construction on a second campus was under way, Sunday worship service was simulcast to the temporary site through internet broadcasting, which resulted in noticeable transmission delays and dropped connections. Despite the challenge of a long transmission distance and unstable environment, a decision was made to upgrade to a fiber-optic network that would allow real-time distribution between the two sites.


Live footage from the main sanctuary’s broadcast control room must pass through a street pole as well as the IT service room at the second campus, before it is distributed to the temporary location, with a total point-point distance of 0.6 miles.

PureLink’s PureMedia™ 4K Fiber-Optic Extension System (PM-FR101-U and PM-FT102-U) was installed as part of the network upgrade, which required complex fiber patch-cabling and distribution, providing a true, uninterrupted real-time broadcast.