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Command Center -- Cape Canaveral Air Force Station

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Command Center -- Cape Canaveral Air Force Station
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Cape Canaveral’s Air Force Station (CCAFS) in Florida has a long history in space exploration, commercial aerospace and military defense. Today, CCAFS is home to the U.S. Air Force Space Command’s 45th Space Wing. Its Morrell Operations Center (MOC) is the main command center for all missile and space launches from the Kennedy Space Center facilities, tracking space vehicles and missile tests and monitoring their performance. The Morrell Operations Center is now transitioning its activities to support commercial aerospace firms such as SpaceX.

The MOC is comprised of two rooms, the main command center and a redundant backup room, which serves as a failsafe. To meet increasing launch support demand, CCAFS is implementing a modernization effort aimed at renovating the visual display systems in both rooms.

In their search for the optimal display technology, CCAFS conducted an exhaustive evaluation of various video wall processors. In the stringent shootout, RGB Spectrum’s MediaWall® V 4K processor was the overwhelming winner, outperforming the rest of the field with unmatched image quality and capabilities. CCAFS selected the MediaWall V processor as the core of their modernization project.

Each of the MOC rooms is equipped with a Mediawall V Model 550 processor. The processors also replace legacy matrix switchers and provide new, sought-after capabilities, such as higher resolution, in addition to advanced video wall features, including multi-window display, overlapping images, and pan and zoom. Each processor drives two edge-blended HD projectors in a 1x2 array. The processor supports image overlap for edge-blending, for a stunningly high quality, seamless display experience.

The MediaWall V processor receives feeds from the launch pad, long-range video cameras, and PCs covering weather conditions, data analysis of geo synchronization, telemetry, trajectory, and aerial traffic, launch pad security systems, and range detection. The processor consolidates these inputs and displays them, real-time, in multiple windows on the video wall. The processor allows operators to switch inputs and choose display layouts from a selection of up to 60 presets from a simple touch panel.

Images and data can now be viewed in higher resolutions on a brighter “visual canvas” to facilitate better decision making. The response from MOC management has been extremely favorable. Kyle Lee, Facility Operations Manager for USAF Morrell Operations Center, stated "We are very pleased with the system upgrade results and we have no doubt that this will enhance range operations."

Offering unsurpassed real-time performance, superior image quality and mission-critical reliability, RGB Spectrum’s MediaWall display processors are an ideal choice for defense and aerospace applications.