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Holovis’ toolkit includes Christie RGB projectors

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Holovis’ toolkit includes Christie RGB projectors
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Holovis knows experiential solutions. With interdisciplinary in-house teams dedicated to “transforming sensory experiences” in themed entertainment, visitor attractions, and enterprise for companies including Universal Studios, LEGOLAND Parks, and Dubai Parks & Resorts, its world-class projects are designed to engage audiences. Selecting and installing the right AV technology for each project is paramount, and when it comes to projectors, Christie®?RGB pure laser is Holovis’ preferred solution. “For me, it's the fact Christie can get an RGB pure laser light source into a single chassis, as well as all of the benefits that come with RGB pure laser, including amazing color reproduction,” says Jon Tozer, project director – Complex AV, Holovis. “The colors are unbeatable in pretty much all instances.”

The evolution of RGB pure laser projection

“We have been using Christie RGB pure laser projectors for years now,” says Tozer. Prior to the development of all-in-one RGB pure laser projectors, the chiller was separate from the light source and the laser racks could take up a significant amount of space, in addition to weighing considerably more than current projector models. “Now that RGB pure laser is in a singular package, it allows us to put it in most places, in most orientations. It runs quieter because it's not using lamp-based projection, so it gives us far more flexibility.”

New RGB pure laser models, including the Christie Griffyn Series and the M 4K Series, feature integrated cooling and no external laser racks, and range in weight from 92 lbs. for the M 4K25 RGB, to 197 lbs. for the 50,000 lumen Griffyn 4K50-RGB, making this new generation of projectors considerably lighter and more compact than its predecessors.

“The facility impact is much lower,” adds Tozer. “We can use a single-phase outlet, allowing us to place projectors with greater flexibility. As a result, we don't need to build a projection booth. And when it comes to dealing with facility general contractors and electrical contractors, it means the ease of integration is a lot smoother.”

In addition to the compact size, there is less maintenance with laser illumination than with lamp-based projectors. “You don't have to swap out lamps. There is a maintenance schedule but it's much less onerous than lamp-based projectors,” says Tozer.

Christie software ties it together

To deliver the awe-inspiring experiences that Holovis is known for, it relies on Christie software in addition to the projectors. “From a product perspective, what's changing the way we work is the Mirage firmware upgrades. It allows us to work with ultra-high frame rates and gives us a much richer toolbox from which to choose.”

The optional Mirage upgrade delivers 4K resolution at 120Hz or 60Hz per eye for 3D content, while Mirage Pro supports frame rates up to 480Hz at 2K resolution to fully immerse audiences in dynamic content without distracting blur.

For projects with multi-channel blended projection, Christie Mystique™, an automated camera-based alignment and recalibration solution, is used to align, warp, and blend the image quickly and automatically.

Beyond RGB pure laser projection

“We don't just limit ourselves to RGB pure laser projectors by any stretch. We enjoy using models from the Christie one-chip range, like the GS Series and Inspire Series,” says Tozer. “The Inspire Series is a neat range of projectors. I think they're well priced, and as they are laser phosphor, very easy to maintain.”

In addition, Christie Crimson three-chip laser phosphor projectors are also specified for projects that require higher brightness and the reliability of laser illumination, in a more budget-friendly package.

However, says Tozer, “For many of my projects, Christie RGB pure laser projectors have become a mainstay.”