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Audix Up Close with Yesod Williams and Pepper
Posted on Monday, August 12, 2019
Audix Up Close with Yesod Williams and Pepper

Pepper is a three-piece rock band originally from Hawaii, now based in San Diego. The power trio consists of vocalist/guitarist Kaleo Wassman, vocalist/bassist Bret Bollinger, and drummer Yesod Williams. Seven studio albums and two live albums later, the band now releases music through their own record label and have toured the US and Europe with acts such as Sublime, Flogging Molly, Slightly Stoopid, Less Than Jake,Pennywise, and more.

We caught up with the Audix artists to talk about how the band got started, and about what Audix microphones they use and why.

How did you get your start as an artist?

I was a metal fan in the mid to late 80's, which REALLY jump started my interest in playing drums! As a12-year-old, I got burnt out on playing but continued loving music. After I graduated high school in 1997, the other two boys and I (we had grown up with each other most all our life) formed Pepper.

Tell us about Pepper.

We are a three-piece - a power trio, if you will - born and raised on the big island of Hawaii. In 1999,after playing house parties for a couple years, we moved to SoCal on a whim to"buy a van and play shows!" We learned a lot about hard work. Flash forward 20 years later, and we're controlling our own destiny - we run our own record label, LAW Records, that we release all our music through as well as developing young bands, and we are having more fun and are happier than ever! 

How did you hear about Audix?

Red Hot Chili Peppers are a huge inspiration to us. Their live DVD, which we bought years ago and watched endlessly while touring in a van, was gospel to us!

What Audix mics are you using currently?

OM7 for vocals 

2 D6s for kick and floor tom 

3 MicroDs for toms 

1 i5 for timbale 

3 ADX51 for hats and overheads 

What was the impetus for switching from the mics you were using previously?

Honestly, we always had our eye on Audix. It was a good friend of mine, Mark Sheppard, who made the connection. He is obviously also an Audix artist, so BIG UP, Mark!

Any noticeable results?

More control while also having more room to push your vocal to capacity, and the drums sound like thunder with them, especially the D6 on the 18-inch floor tom!

What are your favorite features of the mics you're using?

Durability while not sacrificing sound.

Have the Audix mics helped solve any particular challenges for you?

FEEDBACK!!!! While being a drummer with a vocal mic it had always been a challenge before Audix. 

Any special tips to share on how to use the mics?

D6 on the floor toms...And crank them LOUD!!!!

For more info about Pepper, please visit them at, on Facebook at,and on Instagram at