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Audix Microphones Unveils Historic Number of New Products and New Logo at 2020 NAMM Show
Posted on Monday, February 10, 2020
Audix Microphones Unveils Historic Number of New Products and New Logo at 2020 NAMM Show

Audix, a leading US manufacturer of microphones for the professional audio markets and installed sound industry, unveiled 14 new product designs - the most in their 30+ year history - at 2020 NAMM, Anaheim, CA.

Under development for several years, the products include: a full line of headphones and in-ear earphones, four condenser microphones, a ribbon microphone and a reference microphone. All products, from the capsules, grills, bodies and circuitry are new designs from the ground up. In addition to the new products, they also unveiled a newly-designed company insignia.

"It's a new era for Audix," says David Marsh, Director of Sales at Audix. "We've got a new generation of products for a new generation of producers, musicians, sound engineers and audiophiles."

The headphone line includes: the A140, A145, A150 and A152. All models are closed-back, dynamic driver, pro-sound high fidelity headphones with high-quality detachable cable options. Each model has a unique sound profile for various uses, from studio recording and broadcasting to hi-fi listening and gaming.

The earphone line includes: the A10, A10X as well as A10-BT and A10X-BT, which include Bluetooth 5.0 enabled cables with integrated microphone. Featuring point source phase coherent 10mm drivers and high resolution audio cables with gold-plated MMCX connectors. The A10 serves as a detailed in-ear studio monitor, while the A10X offers an extended bass frequency.

The large diaphragm condenser series includes: the A131 and A133 fixed charge condenser models, and the A135 and A137 true condenser models. All four models have internally shock mounted cardioid capsules. The A133 and A137 are equipped with pad and roll off switches.

The A160 is a transformer-based, passive, bidirectional ribbon microphone with no active electronic components, and is based on the classic ribbon design and does not require phantom power.

The A127 is a type one reference microphone with a ½" metal film omnidirectional capsule.

For further details, pricing and availability, check back to or contact your Audix representative.