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Pro Sound Web Road Tests the A150 Studio Headphones
Posted on Friday, December 18, 2020
Pro Sound Web Road Tests the A150 Studio Headphones

Dec. 18, 2020 - The Audix A150 Studio Headphones were recently road tested by Michael Lawrence, one of the co-hosts of the Signal to Noise podcast on the Pro Sound Web Podcast network.

Lawrence wears the headphones while doing his podcast and teaching his Zoom classes, and the comfort of the headphones is crucial during these long sessions, explain the A150 "leaves me with less physical discomfort after an extended wear session compared to some of the other models I’ve used for similar applications. The grip of these headphones is a bit tighter than other models but I feel that is more than offset by the super-comfortable padding that utilizes proprietary foam optimized for sound as well as comfort. So, yeah, they’re comfortable."

He also finds the A150s to be a great tool for mixing, explaining, they are "a nice go-to for mix checking, providing me with a more balanced presentation of the overall tone of a mix than some less expensive models I’m used to, as well as my in-ear monitors. Nailing down the bass contour of a DAW mix, especially when working in small rooms, is always a challenge, and I trust these headphones to deliver a solid representation of the lower frequency range."

Read the full review here.