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Audix Introduces the A231 Studio Vocal Microphone: The New Gold Standard
Posted on Tuesday, November 9, 2021
Audix Introduces the A231 Studio Vocal Microphone: The New Gold Standard

New Large Diaphragm Condenser Mic Brings Exceptional Clarity and Character to Vocals, Both in the Studio and Onstage 

Wilsonville, OR (November 9, 2021) — Audix is proud to announce its latest large-diaphragm condenser studio vocal microphone, the A231, which sets a new gold standard for capturing the human voice. Sporting the distinctive gold-plated brass band made famous on the world-renowned SCX25A instrument mic – the A231 opens up new creative possibilities in the realm of lead and backing vocals, spoken word and voiceover applications, and acoustic instrument miking with its clean, powerful sound.

The A231 condenser microphone brings together multiple high-end design features in a uniquely professional and musical package. The gold-plated brass band around the circumference of the A231 hints at the revolutionary capsule within: a 33-millimeter, true condenser featuring a precision-tensioned diaphragm with gold deposition all the way to its far edges. This produces an effective diaphragm area approximately 25 percent larger than that of a typical large-diaphragm condenser mic, and results in a sound that is neutral and rich at the same time. An exacting cardioid pickup pattern offers a predictable proximity effect and exceptional off-axis rejection.

The capsule feeds circuitry that is groundbreaking in its quietness and an active driven shield protects the signal path from interference and capacitive coupling. An internal shock mount virtually eliminates touch noise enabling the A231 to be used across a wide variety of environments – from the recording studio to the live stage – without the need for an unwieldy external shock mount.

The A231 capsule is suspended by the specially designed internal shock mount behind a double-woven steel alloy mesh grille and seated in precision-machined aluminum body. This elegant, yet compact mechanical form factor is not only beautiful but also practical – allowing the A231 to be optimally positioned in tight spaces where larger microphones may be too obtrusive.

When used on vocals, voiceover or spoken word, the A231 offers a rich tone that blends low-end power and high-end detail with a warm but controllable proximity effect and a high end that is crystal-clear, yet free of artifacts like sibilance. The A231 goes beyond the performance of classic vocal mics to create a tonality all its own. A cardioid polar pattern with smooth off-axis response over a wide frequency range makes this sound effortless to obtain, regardless of mic placement.

As is the case with many premium vocal mics, the A231 also excels on acoustic instruments. With a massive 140 dB maximum SPL, the A231 can easily handle a kick drum at close range, yet its low 12 dBA equivalent noise level makes it whisper-quiet on more delicate sources like upright bass and strings. With no high-end harshness to mar the sound of cymbals, the A231 shines on drum overheads and spot miking as well. Its small size and lessened need for bulky shock mounts lets the engineer place it anywhere it sounds best.

With its warm character, sweet highs, flexible placement, low noise, and impressive 128 dB dynamic range, the Audix A231 excels at lead and backing vocals, choir miking, and the voiceover requirements of podcasters and livestreaming artists who require a big step up in their audio quality. The A231 sets a new gold standard in vocal miking.

The A231 is available now for an MSRP of $949.00.