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Recording Magazine Review: A231
Posted on Friday, January 14, 2022
Recording Magazine Review: A231

Jan. 14, 2022 - RECORDING recently raved in their reviews of the Audix A231, with Associate Editor Alex Hawley putting a pair to work in the studio on vocals and a range of instruments including acoustic guitar, amplifiers and a grand piano.  As he says, "They've struck gold with the A231. It does not possess the stereotypical LDC sound. It's smooth, and it captures its sources with rich harmonics, especially when paired with a tube preamp or compressor. It'll easily record thick guitars or provide any low-end weight you need for stringed bass instruments. I personally love the balance Audix has created with the A231. If anyone is looking for a high-end all-rounder to add to their locker, I highly recommend it for all types of studio work, with vocals as the prime point of interest."

And in a first-look, Editor-in-Chief Paul Vnuk adds, "What a beautifully rich sounding microphone. The A231 sounds like it is voiced more like great FET mics of the past with a rich neutral totality and a gentle, firm upper-mid presence. There is absolutely zero bite, sibilance or sizzle on the top end, and my favorite part of the A231 is its extended, full proximity effect. The A231 is a mic that begs to be close to a source and would do well on upright bass and cello, and could be a great choice on a bass cabinet, outside, yet close up on a kick drum, and a pair would be nice for classic drum tones in a Glynn Johns overhead set up. Where this mic really shines is on vocals and spoken word. In both cases, it has a low-end fullness that a good singer and speaker could really work to their advantage."