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Hybrid Work Environment
Posted on Monday, August 9, 2021
Hybrid Work Environment

Aug. 9, 2021 - I used to work for someone that said, "If you're not here, you're not working!" My guess is that he's biting his tongue now as we've entered over a year of working from home and distance learning for many. My prior employer also had the sink or swim mentality, and I think we can all relate to that now, having been throw into the murky waters of working from home and distance learning. Coping with new tools, technology, and resources are part of our everyday new normal lives.

Many large tech firms have sited that their employees will continue working from home until the late summer months, and some others have sited indefinitely. Other organizations have adopted a quasi-hybrid mentality where staff might have certain days for in-person meetings, and then other days dedicated to working from home. The importance of in-person meetings may include things like team-building events, sessions for new product/service introductions, or brainstorming-type occasions. Some companies have closed down buildings as cost-cutting measures, while others have scaled back operations significantly. Offices are being reimagined as more collaborative spaces for meetings, with less emphasis on cubicles.

A core human characteristic for many is a need for options – options for work, and options for school. Most think that having more options equals more freedom. That equates to a better work-life balance with better ways to manage work and family obligations. That flexibility is what is needed as we tread into a time of hybrid work and education. But what technology tools and resources are needed to fulfill these options?

Collaboration and cloud adoption are among the many remote work and learning tools used daily now. And while many are still swimming in those murky waters, many have had to figure it out, and quickly adapted to this new normal. For those still treading water, let Hall  Technologies ease the stress. Our collaboration solutions were designed to enhance engagement and interactivity, regardless of the location – distance learning, hybrid, or in-person. Hall's solutions are created to enhance collaboration experiences through better sound, video, and control. Our offerings allow you to remotely control classrooms and meeting rooms 24/7 from anywhere. And if you have legacy equipment, our systems can control any legacy equipment, as well as any new technology that is added. We've made these solutions affordable, simple, and scalable too, and are ideal for education, and corporate spaces.